The VELLO electric motor - the powerfull all-in-one companion

The VELLO electric motor - the powerfull all-in-one companion

All VELLO electric folding bikes are equipped with the ZEHUS motor. But why is it so special?

The electric motor from Zehus combines drive, battery, sensors and Bluetooth connection.

Hidden power in a light, slim design! Ride your foldable VELLO e-bike up to 25km/h with the 250 watt motor (max. 40 Nm).

A look inside the Zehus motor

VELLO foldable electric bike motor hub inside view

1. Smartphone connection via Bluetooth 5.1 (free app) or by remote control.

2. Four sensors, incl. electronic automatic gear shift
thanks to the slope sensor and 100-hz vehicle control.

3. Integrated battery pack with smart BMS. More than
50km (31mi) in turbo mode, 173 Wh, <1kg.

4. High-efficiency BLDC motor with regenerative braking
and self-charging K.E.R.S-technology. 250 Watt/40 Nm

5. Motor-Battery-Sensors: ALL IN ONE GEN.2 motor, no cables on the frame. Total weight: 3.2kg

The most important features at a glance:

The Gen2 of ZEHUS motor comes equipped with state of the art technology.

  • All-in-one motor with built-in battery.
  • 50% more torque than Gen1 = up to 40 Nm.
  • Electronic locking system via the app for better theft protection.
  • Integrated real-time diagnostics function and direct customer support in the app.
  • 10% more battery than Gen1 with same size and weight.
  • Tilt sensor takes over the function of automatic gear shifting.

Smart Bike

Connect to your VELLO Bike+ and create your own personal riding experience. You can connect the motor to your own cell phone, or use the wireless remote control. Both give you the ability to track the status of your e-bike, activate regenerative braking, switch between power modes, or turn on boost.

VELLO bike electric bike folding motor app control phone

1. Motor power
2. Speedometer display
3. Slope indication in percent
4. Battery level
5. Distance
6. Power Mode

So what about infinite range?

First of all: in turbo mode, the fully charged battery will get you up to 50 km range. Making full use of the recuperation, theoretically you would not need to charge your battery - that would require pedal power though!

With its four built-in sensors and the unique KERS technology (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), known from Formula 1, the battery simply charges itself when braking or going downhill.

As soon as you crank backwards, the motor switches to recuperation and starts braking - the energy generated by this recharges your battery. On your smartphone or the handy display of the remote control (sold separately) you can always see whether energy is being charged or consumed.

With the smart system, you can generate energy while riding and thus cover very long distances.

Tip: Of course, you can also charge your e-bike with the included power charger.

The automatic, electronic gear shift

Thanks to the slope sensor, the motor takes over the function of an automatic gear shift and adapts to the cadence.

Additional mechanical gears

For more freedom, you have the choice of an optional 2-speed gearbox, either for more speed, or mountainous roads:

Schlumpf Speed-Drive

For fast riding at a comfortable cadence above 25km/h manual.
Planetary transmission on the bottom bracket, gear ratio 1:1,65

Schlumpf Mountain-Drive

For steeper slopes up to 17%. Planetary transmission on the bottom bracket, gear ratio 2.5:1

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