Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start up my VELLO bike?

You will find the most important links, instructions and videos at the bottom of this page.

Which body height does the VELLO bike fit?

VELLO bikes are suitable for riders of almost any height, from 150cm to 210cm. For tall people over 185cm tall we recommend the optional 600mm seat post (instead of the 500mm seat post) and longer stem. In the end it is not the height but the stride length that counts, which is why we recommend a test ride and individual adjustment. For customers who prefer a more upright seating position we recommend the longer stem.

Which tires can be mounted onto the VELLO bike?

VELLO bikes are delivered from the factory with Schwalbe Marathon 1.5 or Kojak 1.35 tyres (both E.T.R.T.O. 406). Tires up to 2.10 width, such as Crazy Bob or Big Apple can be mounted. Note: VELLO Bike frames also allow the installation of wheels for those who have an E.T.R.T.O. diameter of 451 (larger 20 inches).

How can I take the VELLO bike along into public transport?

When folded, the VELLO Bike measures H 57cm x L 79cm x W 29cm and is roughly the size of a large suitcase. As a piece of luggage, it can therefore be taken along effortlessly and without any problems in local and long-distance public transport (train, tram, underground, S-Bahn, ICE, bus, plane*, ...). A transport bag is not necessary. However, we do offer a suitable transport bag for transporting the VELLO bike in our accessories range.

Can I take the VELLO Bike+ into the airplane?

All non-electric models can be taken on board without any problems. If you want to take the VELLO Bike+ (e-bike) on board an airplane, we recommend that you contact your airline in advance, as the regulations for taking e-bikes on board vary greatly. Some airlines allow the removed rear wheel to be carried in hand luggage, as the battery capacity does not exceed 160Wh. The regulations are not uniform and therefore we recommend in any case that you check the respective regulations carefully before taking the VELLO Bike+ on an air trip.

Why is the frame of the VELLO bike made from chromoly instead of aluminium?

Chromoly or aluminium? When we developed the VELLO Bike, we were looking for a perfect balance between low weight, high stability, long durability and high riding comfort. We were able to combine these characteristics in an ideal balance by using the most modern chrome-molybdenum steel. The excellent damping characteristics and the simultaneously high stiffness of Chromoly make (in contrast to aluminium frames) heavy suspension components superfluous. The particularly thin-walled, double-butted frame tubes result in additional weight savings.

How does the self-charging technology work with the K.E.R.S.-System?

The VELLO Bike+ has a powerful 250 Watt motor and a 173Wh battery.

A big difference between conventional e-bikes and the VELLO Bike+ is the 4 sensors which, in cooperation with the intelligent motor management, enable efficient self-charging. This is 2 sensors more than with all previously known e-bike systems. One of these sensors measures the inclination and detects even the slightest slope or gradient to start the energy recovery or to activate the motor support. Another sensor activates the energy recovery when pedalling backwards on the VELLO Bike+. This supports the braking effect and feeds most of the energy into the system. An additional sensor measures acceleration forces and can thus activate energy recovery every time you brake. A sensor for detecting the applied torque is also installed, e.g. to generate energy for charging the battery in case of tailwind.

How can I charge the VELLO Bike+?

Elegantly concealed in the rear axle is a charging socket that allows the batteries to be charged at the power outlet. The charger is a compact and lightweight power supply unit (as we know it from notebooks, for example) with which the batteries of the VELLO Bike+ can be charged from 0% to 100% in 3 hours. The rear wheel hub combines battery, control unit and motor. This means that the battery and drive integrate seamlessly into the bike.

What is the range of the VELLO Bike+?

The motor management of the VELLO Bike+ has 6 driving modes:

Turbo mode: Offers more support than a conventional e-bike with full 250 watts and a range up to 50km.

E-Bike mode: Offers support like a conventional pedelec with a range up to 75km.

Eco mode: Additional 3 levels with 110 - 180km range.

Bike+ (Theoretical self-charging): The own pedal power (50-60Watt) is doubled by the hybrid system from the motor. During a tour-return (with ascents and descents) the battery charge is increased by the intelligent energy recovery.

Can I ride the VELLO Bike+ without using the smartphone app?

For the initial setup of the VELLO Bike+ and for choosing the driving modes, a connection between smartphone/tablet and the VELLO Bike+ via bluetooth is required. The system will save the chosen settings and can then be operated without Bluetooth-connection. To start the system, the cyclist then has to accelerate to about 10km/h and pedal backwards 3 times. When not ridden, the VELLO Bike+ will stay activated for 5 minutes and will then shut down automatically. The connection between smartphone/tablet and the VELLO Bike+ is therefore only needed for the initial setup and changing the driving modes, activating the electrical engine and tracking the route.

Which operating systems does the app of the VELLO Bike+ work with?

At the time of writing (September 2020), the app is compatible with Android version 5.0 or higher and Apple iOS 12.1 or any newer version.

How can I carry my luggage or bags with the VELLO bike?

A front rack is available. The front rack is easily mounted with a quick-mount mechanism. Our separately available VELLO daypack should suit most needs. The front rack is removable and won't get in the way when the bike is folded, plus it will also not interfere with the steering. For heavier luggage and panniers, we recommend to equip the VELLO bike with the rear rack that can carry loads of up to 25kg (expected launch in autumn 2021).

How long is the warranty on the VELLO bike?

VELLO bikes have a 5 year warranty on the frame and fork. The motor of the VELLO Bike+ has a 2 year warranty and the battery 1 year (or 1.000 charging cycles).

What can I do if my VELLO bike needs to get repaired?

The VELLO bike can be maintained and repaired by any VELLO retailer or qualified specialist workshop. The replacement of the battery of the VELLO Bike+ must be carried out by an authorized VELLO retailer to obtain warranty.

How can I replace the battery of the VELLO Bike+?

The VELLO Bike+ is equipped with state-of-the-art Li-ion batteries (29,6V, 173Wh). When it needs to be replaced, then it should be carried out by an authorized VELLO retailer in order for it to be within the terms of the warranty. The replacement of the battery of the VELLO Bike+ must be carried out by any authorized VELLO retailer.

Technical support for the electrical 3in1 drive:

In the unlikely scenario that you experience problems with the 3in1 drive, then please get in touch with your VELLO retailer. The VELLO team also stands at your disposal.


Getting started

Important Links

Folding your VELLO

Folding the VELLO bike:

  1. Turn left hand crank arm so that it points to the front
  2. Fold the pedals
  3. Unscrew the clamp on the front forks
  4. Remove the safety pin located by the forks (push the release button at the end of the pin to remove it)
  5. Place your foot on the rear axle, left hand on the saddle and right hand on the handlebar
  6. Turn the handlebar stem towards the body so that the front wheel is positioned at a 60° angle to the right (direction body)
  7. With a gentle tug, lift the saddle while keeping foot on the rear axle – it will open the magnet suspension.
  8. Swing the rear wheel to the front and fold the front fork at the same time
  9. Make sure the magnet clip snaps together between the fork and rear fork
  10. Open the quick release on the clamp of the stem, lift handlebar upwards as much as possible, turn 90° and glide back in. Close clamp.
  11. Open the quick releases on the handlebars and pull out the end of the handlebars
  12. Open the clamp on the seat post and slide it in