LiteLok Go Flexi Bike Lock VELLO Black Security
LiteLok Go Flexi Bikelock VELLO Compatible Black
LiteLock Go Flexi Bike Lock Bike Frame
VELLO Folding Bike - Safety Lock for Bicycle - Anti Theft Bike - Flexi U Lite Lock Safety Lock
Lightweight Safety Lock for Bicycle - Security Bike - Bike Immobilizer
LiteLok Flexi U - Portable Lightweight Anti Theft System for Bicycle - Vello Folding Bikes
VELLO LiteLok Flexi U 52 - Lock for Folding Bikes - Safety Lock
Lite Lock Flexi U 52 - Bike Security Safety - Folding Bike Lock for portable bicycle


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LITELOK GO | Flexi-U 52cm Black/Grey

The high-security Litelok GO U-Flex lock fits perfectly onto your VELLO bike! This U-shaped flexible bikelock clicks into any VELLO bikeframe and does not require an additional bracket. The Litelok not only complements the design of your VELLO bike, but also protects it effectively against theft.

Product Details & Specifications

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  • Security level: ART2- and "Sold Secure Silver" certified
  • Durable polymer coating
  • Patented Boaflexicore® composite-belt made of high-strength steel
  • Lock made of hardened steel
  • Silent Design - No rattling whilst cycling
  • 2 keys and 2 wrapstraps included
  • Diameter (locked) innerside: 10cm / outside: 11,5cm 
  • Length (locked) innerside: 19cm / outside: 22cm 
  • Locking length: 52cm
  • Weight: 650gr (up to 50% lighter than conventional U-locks)

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Hello and welcome to the VELLOnaut community! Thank you for choosing a VELLO Bike. We are very happy to have you on board - enjoy your first ride! To extend your VELLO bike's frame and fork warranty from 2 to 5 years, please fill out the requested information below.

Unfold your passion

Why VELLO Bike?

At VELLO, we build our bikes with passion. The VELLO Bikes are the lightest folding bikes on the market - starting at only 9.9kg.

Its signature design has
been awarded many prizes including the RedDot Design Award „best of the best”. Thanks to the hinge-free frame you will get the ultimate uncompromised riding experience.

Our innovative and patenTed folding mechanism is unique in the industry - unfold your VELLO in only seconds!