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Save money on your bike with Cyclescheme!

Want to get a VELLO bike but can't afford it right now?

Cyclescheme let's you save 25-40% on a brand new VELLO bicycle and accessories!

What is Cyclescheme?

Cyclescheme is an employer benefit that aims at getting more people to work on their bike. Cycling to work saves you from stress and keeps you healthy while also reducing the countries CO2 emissions.
With Cycleschemes you will pay less for your bike while saving taxes.

Cycleschemes - How to save money on new bike - Get VELLO bike

Save money on new bike - Cycleschemes - Get new bike - VELLO bike with cycleschemes

How does it work?

To pay for your new VELLO bike, monthly instalments are taken from your gross salary before any tax is deducted. This means you pay less tax and national insurance every month while paying off the bike.

The cost is usually spread over a year but can be payed off during an even longer time span according to your needs.
After that you can decide to fully own the bike by paying a small extra fee. At that point you will have saved up to 40% on your new bike!

5 steps to your new bike:

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1.) Talk to your employer to check if they have a scheme in place or if they need to register with one.

2.) Select your VELLO bike here. and get a quote for your new bike from your bike retailer.

3.) Submit the quote to your employer.

4.) Receive your Cyclescheme voucher.

5.) Get your bike!

Find out more at Cyclescheme.