Start of delivery of VELLO SUB

Start of delivery of VELLO SUB

The time has finally come! The long-awaited delivery of the VELLO SUB has begun.

With the start of deliveries beginning in Austria and Germany, before heading to all other EU countries and overseas, we are taking a significant step towards sustainable urban mobility while offering a wealth of features that make city commuting more efficient, convenient and environmentally friendly.

What is the VELLO SUB?

The VELLO SUB is a revolutionary electric cargo bike that bridges the gap between traditional bicycles and cargo e-bikes. With its unique design and advanced features, the VELLO SUB is designed to meet your daily needs. The VELLO SUB offers a flexible, space-saving and environmentally friendly transportation option.

What makes the VELLO SUB special?

  1. Lightweight and strong: The VELLO SUB is the lightest e-cargobike on the market. The lightweight and sustainable "family van" among bicycles not only offers the desired storage space and load capacity, but also enables effortless transportation thanks to its low weight.

  2. Compact design: The VELLO SUB can be folded flat in just a few seconds, making it easy to carry on public transport and store in offices or homes.

  3. Fully customizable: The VELLO SUB offers a range of accessories to make the right equipment possible in every situation. And without any additional tools. Switch from children's seats to transport boxes, front or rear carriers in a matter of seconds. Whatever you want to transport, the VELLO SUB is there for you!

  4. Intelligent connectivity: The VELLO SUB is equipped with the Bosch Smart System and the eBike Flow app, which makes it possible to track rides, adjust the support mode of your motor and connect accessories such as smartwatches. This connectivity makes the VELLO SUB not only a means of transportation, but also a smart companion for the urban lifestyle.


How can I get the VELLO SUB?

Deliveries of the VELLO SUB have started and pre-orders will be processed over the next few weeks. Haven't ordered a VELLO SUB yet?
Click here for your new e-cargobike!

We look forward to seeing you on the road with your new VELLO SUB soon!