The Bosch Smart System - the innovative e-bike motor at a glance

The Bosch Smart System - the innovative e-bike motor at a glance

Cargo e-bikes, like the VELLO SUB, are evolving with the times, becoming more intelligent and interconnected. Nevertheless, this plethora of functions can sometimes make it challenging to keep track of everything.

We have summarized the most important features for you: Here you will find an overview of the Bosch Smart System, the Cargo Line drive and the eBike Flow app.

The Bosch Smart System is software designed for Bosch e-bike motors. With the eBike Flow app, you can conveniently connect your bike to your smartphone via Bluetooth, granting access to a variety of practical functions. Within the eBike Flow app, you can, for example:

  •     Display cycled distance.
  •     Check the current battery status.
  •     Select support modes.
  •     Configure DualBattery for even more range.

You can find more information about the DualBattery combination options here.

The Smart System Update 2024:

Discover exciting new features with the latest 2024 software update. Notably, enhancements to customize the driving experience provide improved performance for an enhanced ride.

Individual driving experience:
Select up to 4 driving modes and costumize them.
Connect to your accessories:
The new update allows you to connect your Bluetooth chest straps, smartwatches or smartband to display your heart rate via the eBike Flow app.
Updates for the smart display:
With the Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 display, you can configure the display with new tiles e.g. for heart rate display and altitude profile according to your preferences.
The new "dynamic display" for Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 automatically shows information during the ride that matches the current cycling situation, e.g. the altitude meters covered on inclines.
During the ride, you can now flexibly select options for navigation via the quick menu.

All VELLO SUB e-cargobikes are equipped with the latest software version.

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