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VELLO develops the lightest folding electric bike in the world

An e-bike under 10kg? Everything is possible with VELLO!

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With the patented 1.9 kg full titanium foldable VELLO frame, the Viennese bicycle manufacturer has succeeded in creating an innovation that is revolutionising the bicycle market:
the world's lightest foldable electric bike weighs just a little more than a 6-pack of water and meets hand luggage requirements.

The VELLO principle is impressive - In just 8 seconds, the compact folding bike becomes a fully functional e-bike with a powerful motor.

All whilst being lighter than any other folding bike in the world. It does not matter if you need to carry the ultra light bike, climb some stairs or take the train with your bicycle. It all works effortlessly. Never before has a foldable ebike been this transportable!

VELLO lightest folding electric bike worldwide

It is not only the ultra lightweight that makes the VELLO e-bikes special:

All VELLO electric folding bikes, including the ultra-light full titanium electric bike, are equipped with an all-in-one-rear-hub motor.

The battery of the world's lightest folding e-bike is unique: thanks to KERS technology (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) the VELLO Bike+ has practically infinite range. The battery does not need to be recharged, it charges automatically when braking or going downhill.
With full use of recuperation, the range is almost unlimited. In turbo mode, the fully charged battery lasts for 50km.

The additional slope sensor integrated in the electric motor functions similarly to a gear shift in that it adjusts the motor assistance automatically for optimal cadence.
Optionally, the VELLO bikes can be equipped with the Schlumpf Drive gear system - Speed Drive for urban settings or Mountain Drive for rural ascends.

  • With the planetary gearing Speed-Drive, speeds well beyond the 25 km/h limit for electric motors are possible with a comfortable cadence.
  • With the Mountain-Drive, on the other hand, steeper climbs of up to 17% can be tackled easily.

The new 9.9 kg light full titanium e-folding bike uses only standard components and is therefore customisable, independent of market situations and long-lived.

Some more facts about the VELLO folding bikes and the lightest e-bike in the world:

  • Low total weight from 9.9 kg electric (6.5 kg non-electric)
  • Fast folding within 8 seconds
  • Large 20-inch wheels with small folding dimensions (57x79x29 cm)
  • Energy recuperation
  • All-in-one electric motor with built-in battery
  • Connectivity via app
  • Electronic motor lock
  • Tracking in case of theft
  • Optional external remote control with boost function