VELLO Roadtrips - Traveling with a folding bike

VELLO Roadtrips - Traveling with a folding bike

There is always a VELLO on the road somewhere in the world!

This summer our VELLOnauts explored the globe and even traveled afar from paved roads and bike lanes.
Perfect conditions for our VELLO Gravel to prove itself!

Bike Packing in the Scottish Highlands

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Escaping the summer heat was Alec Hagers plan for this summer.

His journey started in Vienna with a train ride and took the VELLO to rocky highland roads until he reached Scottland.

Some of the stops along the way included Poland, Berlin, Belgium, Dover, Edinburgh and Loch Ness.

The VELLO folding bike was able to conquer even the rockiest of roads and still fit tiny spaces. The Radvokat even fit it on a dinghy! You can watch the impressive journey on YouTube.

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City trips and gravel fun

Sebastian and his girlfriend from Wiener Verkehr said au revoir to Vienna and bonjour to France! Their route included 450km and 2.000m difference in altitude. The couple traveled from Paris to Le Mont-Saint-Michelle.

Traveling by bike is nothing new for the two bike packers but the limitations of most trains did not allow them to take their usual bikes. The VELLO folding bikes gave them the freedom to go everywhere without having to look at travel regulations.

Go check out their travel preparations and follow them on their journey trough France on YouTube and Instagram.

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To the top of the world with a folding bike

Two VELLO bikes 2.500 meters above the ground. "A perfect combination!" Is what our VELLO team thought, packed their folding bikes and traveled from Vienna to Großglockner High Alpine Road.

Follow their ambitious journey to the top in our YouTube video.

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On the right track with the folding bike

The VELLO bike is not just made for off road conditions! Wether it's in the city or riding along classic bike routes like the Isarradweg.

Martins Bike took the VELLO on the 290km long track trough Germany and documented his journey on YouTube.

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Why travel with a folding bike?

The small and light frame of a folding bike makes for a perfect travel companion.

Wether you plan on going by train, ship or take your camping van, the VELLO folding bike allows you to be mobile and free. Don't waste your time waiting for busses or strain your back while carrying your luggage. Just hop on your bike and let it carry you!

And if you do not need your bike? Just fold it and it can be easily stored in your tent, van or even hotel room.

In our blogpost you can find further tipps and tricks for traveling by train with your folding bike.

Want to go your own way and take your bike on a journey? At VELLO we produce high quality folding bikes and accessories to make your cycling adventures special. You can for example find the foldable rear carrier rack in our shop. 

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