VELLO SUB sets new standards with EFBE-TRI-TEST®

VELLO SUB sets new standards with EFBE-TRI-TEST®

Despite its light weight, the VELLO SUB has the highest load capacity of all cargo bikes!

Highest standard: The EFBE-TRI-TEST®

The EFBE-TRI-TEST® is a laboratory test for cargo bikes and goes far beyond the requirements of the mandatory standard test for German cargo bikes, DIN 79010. In the EFBE-TRI test, the cargo bikes have to withstand various maximum and overload tests.

While the standard test only recognizes one type of cargo bike, even though there is an immense variety in this area, the Tritest is individually adaptable. The individual load cases are defined in such a way that they come closest to the actual application. The geometry of the frame-fork unit is precisely analyzed and the point at which additional load is applied is determined. Depending on the test scenario, the frame unit undergoes 100,000 cycles in which its entire bicycle life is simulated in fast motion. The basic building blocks of the Tritest are the fatigue test, maximum load test and overload test.

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Components of the EFBE-TRI-Test®:

The EFBE-TRI-Test® comprises eight stress tests for cargo bike frames.

The stress test checks the frame and fork of the bike under the most extreme conditions. During the test, hundreds of thousands of cycles are carried out to guarantee the safety of the rider, passengers and cargo. Among other things, pedaling forces on the pedals and braking situations are simulated. Available on the market since 2020, the EFBE-TRI-TEST® raises the standards for cargo bikes through rigorous load tests and thus contributes to safety on the roads.

Maximum load capacity and safety

All tests are carried out on the same frame and thus certify the load capacity of the cargo bike under the most severe conditions: any damage caused by a previous test is carried over to the next load. This not only simulates everyday situations, but also guarantees the safety of the bike beyond its limits.

To our pride, the VELLO SUB not only passes the 200 kg standard for German cargo bikes, but is also certified with a total permissible weight of 210 kg. In combination with the light weight of the VELLO SUB, this is an exceptional performance that promises safety and stability for cargo bike users in all situations.

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