VELLO SUB - The world's lightest e-cargo bike now on Indiegogo

VELLO SUB - The world's lightest e-cargo bike now on Indiegogo

GO BIKE - GO YOU, with the VELLO SUB (Smart Utility Bike)

Now available for preorder at Indiegogo!

The VELLO SUB is your environmentally friendly, urban mobility all-rounder. Think of it as a sustainable and lightweight “family van”, the VELLO SUB cargo e-bike adds the space and weight capacity you wish your bike had  - without sacrificing the portability you want.


Transport children, groceries, or animal companions with the VELLO SUB’s spacey cargo options.  With the front and rear rack, items up to 210 kg (463 lb) can be easily transported by the VELLO SUB.  Just like larger, heavier cargo bikes – except the VELLO SUB is the most portable and lightest cargo e-bike around. The bike itself weights only 24kg(52,9lbs).

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We know space is limited, especially in cities. That's why we designed the SUB to fit into every corner of your daily life! Easy to handle, light, the size of an average bike – and foldable! Take the bike on public transport or fold it to store it discretely in the office or your home. 

A collapsible handlebar and folding pedals allow the VELLO SUB fold to just 29 cm wide (11,41"), and  85 cm in height (33,46"), perfect for safe storage inside your home or office. Handles on the saddle let you take it along or for your child to hold on during the ride.

The VELLO SUB’s length is the same as a standard bike (180cm/70,86"), allowing it to be taken on a train or mounted onto a bike rack for weekends away.

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Enjoy the customized experience of safe, durable full mobility

A tool-free, quick release accessory system enables to change the configuration of the VELLO SUB quickly and easily. Child seats and cargo baskets can be fitted quickly and removed with a safety lock system that saves you fiddling with complicated brackets or mounting systems. The countless possible uses of the longtail means that you can run your daily errands more easily and in full comfort – thanks to the extensive range of accessories.


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The VELLO SUB comes with smart connectivity system, that gives you full access to your bikes features. Customize your experience with the eBike Flow app and enjoy incredible features such as:

  • eBike Alarm for better protection against theft through audible and visual alarm on one's smartphone as well as a tracking function
  • eBike Lock is the digital key allowing to lock or unlock the VELLO SUB
  • Navigation and route planning tailored to your wishes
  • Over-the-air updates to always stay up-to-date on the latest features
  • Custom riding modes as per your needs (race, cargo, turbo, auto, sport, tour, eco), whether for more support or for less power consumption to get you even further. 
  • optional inductive charging

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The VELLO SUB motor

You can go the distance with the VELLO SUB – its Bosch electric motor powered by a dual battery system has a range of up to 250 km (155 miles) (maximium speed> US version of the VELLO SUB: up to 20mph; EU version: up to 25km/h).  The VELLO SUB also comes with the newest Bosch Smart System that includes remote controller on the cockpit and a free smartphone app.

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The VELLO SUB comes with a range of features, that protect you on your ride. Even when fully loaded.

Integrated front and rear lights from Supernova

The VELLO SUB offers good visibility in the dark with the integrated lights from Supernova for maximum safety.

Magura Disc Brakes

For optimum braking power, the SUB comes with hydraulic disc brakes with a four-piston system from Magura.

Our bikes are certified for pedelecs according to EN 15194 and conform to the required safety regulations in the European Union. Most countries recognise the EN 15194 as being the highest testing standard and providing the necessary safety measure for their legal use on public streets.

Ultrawide Tires

VELLO SUB is a safe, stable and easy to manoeuvre bike due to ultrawide 20” Schwalbe tires, that keep its centre of gravity low - regardless of whether it is loaded with cargo or passengers. The handlebar on the saddle enables the child to hold on while riding, or to facilitate the lifting of the VELLO SUB. 

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