VELLO world record self-charging technology


24 hours by e-bike without recharging: World record attempt at the Kessel
Festival (25-26 June)

What is inseparable from summer? Cycling and festivals!

VELLO bike will be at the Kessel Festival in Stuttgart from June 25-26 with one mission in mind: breaking the world record.  

E-bikes are currently experiencing a huge hype for a reason: as an environmentally friendly alternative to cars, they provide mobility on otherwise jam-packed streets while allowing you to stay healthy and getting you from A to B in the most efficient way possible. The only drawback with e-bikes: if the battery is empty, the bike needs to be recharged. The Viennese folding bike manufacturer VELLO bike is taking a new approach on e-bike technology: the ultra-light electric VELLO Bike+ makes use of the KERS technology known from Formula 1. By means of intelligently applied recuperation technology coupled with sensors, the bike's battery is charged while riding, such as when going downhill or braking. Thus, it is possible to ride a very long distance (theoretically unlimited) with the e-bike on one battery charge. And all this without any external power supply. We want to put this theory to the test: during the Kessel Festival from June 25-26, the motor will be charged only by riding efficiently. The world record attempt: a 24-hour continuous e-bike ride without charging the bike by means of the usual charging process at the socket. Pit stops will only be made to change riders.

The electric VELLO Bike+ is equipped with KERS technology (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) - this technology originates from Formula 1 and allows vehicles to recharge the electric motor using energy generated during the ride. KERS, in combination with sensors and smart technology, controls the alternate charging and discharging of the VELLO Bike+, which in turn means that there is no more need to connect to a power outlet.

For example, the VELLO motor charges the battery during braking or downhill sections. When going uphill, the motor switches from recuperation mode to assistance mode.

After the successful premiere of the Kessel Festival 2019 in Stuttgart, the Cannstatter Wasen will once again become the backdrop of a colorful festival with around 50,000 visitors*. The stage will be taken by established international music bands as well as by young, up-and-coming musicians, while the sports arena will invite to sports activities. Wearable sustainability is offered at the Übermorgen Market and an interactive children's and family program rounds off the Kessel Festival.

This event will be accompanied live on the VELLO social media channels on June 25:

Are you interested in becoming part of the world record? For the first 10 interested people we offer free tickets to the Kessel Festival! Register until June 22nd at!