Connect Module SUB
Connect Module SUB

Connect Module SUB

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Do you always want to know where your VELLO SUB is? With the ConnectModule, you can locate your VELLO SUB precisely on latitude and longitude. And to protect against theft, the ConnectModule also acts as an alarm system that triggers a signal even with slight shaking and sends you a push-up message via the eBike flow app in the event of stronger movements, while a loud alarm sounds on the VELLO SUB.

  • E-bike GPS tracker
  • Simple plug-n-play installation on the motor
  • Precise location transmission in the eBike Flow App
  • Theft detection & acoustic alarm system
  • Own, integrated batteryProduct details & specifications

Product Details:
  • System: Bosch Smart System
  • Manufacturer: Bosch

The Connect module will be fitted to your ordered SUB by VELLO.

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