framebag for vello folding bikes
framebag for vello folding bikes
framebag for vello folding bikes
framebag for vello folding bikes
framebag for vello folding bikes
framebag for vello folding bikes
framebag for vello folding bikes
framebag for vello folding bikes
framebag for vello folding bikes

Framebag FAHRER Berlin for VELLO Folding Bikes

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The waterproof frame bag made of high-quality, waterproof and recycled polyester is the ideal accessory for every VELLO rider who is looking for a practical and durable solution to safely store their important items on their bike. Whether you're doing short rides around town or heading out on a longer bike tour, this frame bag will meet your needs.

Made from premium recycled polyester material, this bag is particularly robust and durable. It is designed to protect your valuables from rain, snow or splashing water. The bag is ideal for carrying a rain jacket, bike lock or repair kit.

The frame bag has a generous main pocket with enough space for all the important things you need during your bike tour. It also offers additional small pockets and compartments to keep your items neatly organised and easily accessible. With the robust zip, you can securely close the bag to prevent items from falling out or slipping.

Mounting the frame bag is child's play and is done with the help of adjustable velcro straps that ensure a secure and stable attachment to your VELLO. It adapts perfectly to the shape of the VELLO's frame.

The ergonomic and slim design style of the frame bag ensures that it is not distracting or obstructive while you pedal. It stays securely attached to the frame without interfering with your riding.

Discover the benefits of the waterproof frame bag made from durable nylon and never worry about protecting your valuables during your bike rides again. Practical, durable and versatile, this frame bag is the perfect companion for any VELLO-Fan.
Product Details & Specifications


Weight: 115 grams
Size: 54 x 17 x 5,5cm
Volume: approx. 3.5 litres
Material: polyester made from recycled PET bottles
Colour: black
Designed in Berlin

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Hello and welcome to the VELLOnaut community! Thank you for choosing a VELLO Bike. We are very happy to have you on board - enjoy your first ride! To extend your VELLO bike's frame and fork warranty from 2 to 5 years, please fill out the requested information below.

Unfold your passion

Why VELLO Bike?

At VELLO, we build our bikes with passion. The VELLO Bikes are the lightest folding bikes on the market - starting at only 9.9kg.

Its signature design has
been awarded many prizes including the RedDot Design Award „best of the best”. Thanks to the hinge-free frame you will get the ultimate uncompromised riding experience.

Our innovative and patenTed folding mechanism is unique in the industry - unfold your VELLO in only seconds!